Hyundai Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

The world's largest automobile plant
Welcome to our new way of thinking. It's bigger, smarter and driven by the desire to share stylish, high quality and efficient vehicles with everyone. To us, New Thinking means challenging convention and pushing boundaries. And New Possibilities means coming up with more forward-thinking ideas and solutions. But whatever we're doing, our responsibilities to our customers, society and the environment are paramount.

As Hyundai Motor's main production facility, the Ulsan Plant sits on a 5,050,000 ㎡ site and is equipped with five independent plants that employ over 34,000 personnel to produce an average of 6,000 vehicles a day. Additionally, the plant has its own port where up to three, 50,000-ton ships can anchor simultaneously. The Ulsan Plant, also dubbed the "Forest Plant," encompasses 590,000 trees as part of its landscape and state-of-the-art facilities.